Inauguration of FIT R2Lab platform / November 9, 2016

The platform R2Lab is a Wi-fi mesh testbed infrastructure suitable for testing wireless devices and heterogeneous wireless communication. 

It will be inaugurated at Inria Sophia Antipolis' premises on Wednesday, November 9th in the presence of Antoine Petit, CEO of Inria and Serge Fdida (FIT). 

R2Lab testbed offers an infrastructure with thirty-seven wireless nodes, for highly flexible experimentation in a array of wireless network, allowing experimenters test in many ways the optimizations in radio frequencies for wireless applications. The project priorizes scale and realism for supporting future wireless research.

OneLab Portal status / June 6, 2016

Due to network maintainenance, the OneLab portal won't be available from 15:00 to 17:00 (CET) on 8th June 2016.

OneLab Portal status / May 23, 2016

The OneLab Portal will be offline tomorrow May 23rd from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. CET due to service maintenance.

OneLab at INFOCOM 2016 in San Francisco / April 13, 2016

A OneLab demo has been presented the IEEE INFOCOM 2016 conference in San Francisco in April. Loïc Baron (CNRS, Lip6) and Frederic Saint-Marcel (INRIA) gave a presentation during the conference's demo session  session on Wednesday 13th April. The demo showed how to use the OneLab portal in order to depoy on-demand an IoT experiment over IPv6. The purpose of this experiment was to detect the presence of humans and robots in the coridor of the Grenoble site of FIT IoT-Lab testbed. Therefore, CoAP servers using ContikiOS have been developed to run on FIT IoT-Lab nodes. Data was sent directly over IPv6 from these nodes to a VM deployed in a Cloud at UPMC using OpenStack. A websocket dashboard has been implemented to display the live measurement results as well as the stream of the Grenoble Webcam.


For more information on the conference proceedings, a full list of the demos can be found on the IEEE INFOCOM website at:

OneLab at INFOCOM 2016 in San Francisco
OneLab at INFOCOM 2016 in San Francisco
OneLab at INFOCOM 2016 in San Francisco

ARMOUR H2020 project Kick Off meeting / February 24, 2016

ARMOUR is a H2020 EU project aimed at providing duly tested, benchmarked and certified Security & Trust technological solutions for large-scale IoT using upgraded FIRE large-scale IoT/Cloud testbeds properly-equipped for Security & Trust experimentations.

The goals of armour project are:

  1. Enhance outstanding FIRE testbeds with the ARMOUR experimentation toolbox for enabling large-scale IoT Security & Trust experiments
  2. Deliver six properly experimented, suitably validated and duly benchmarked methods and technologies for enabling Security & Trust in the large-scale IoT
  3. Define a framework to support the design of Secure & Trusted IoT applications as well as establishing a certification scheme for setting confidence on Security & Trust IoT solutions.

The OneLab team is participating to this project in order to provide our users new services such as Security testing of IoT devices and protocols.

ARMOUR H2020 project Kick Off meeting
ARMOUR H2020 project Kick Off meeting
ARMOUR H2020 project Kick Off meeting

F-Interop H2020 project Kick Off meeting / November 23, 2015

F-Interop is a three years European research project (H2020). It is researching and developing online interoperability and performance test tools supporting emerging IoT-related technologies from standardization to market. It intends to support researchers, product development by SME, and standardization processes.

The OneLab team is participating in this new project in order to provide our users added value services, such as Interoperability testing as a Service for IoT.

More information:

F-Interop H2020 project Kick Off meeting
F-Interop H2020 project Kick Off meeting
F-Interop H2020 project Kick Off meeting

Internet of Things Workshop at FIT IoT-Lab Lille / October 14, 2015

After the first FIT IoT-LAB workshop last year in Grenoble, which hosted 70 attendees, FIT IoT-Lab will be hosting a second edition at the Lille platform on October 14 & 15, 2015. The workshop will take place at Inria Lille - Nord Europe.

This workshop has the dual purpose of both allowing exchanges on research as well as presenting talks and tutorials on various topics on the IoT domain. It specifically targets experimentation through testing, verification, deployment, integration, management and federation of experimental platforms. The workshop will bring together people from several areas of research in academia and industry, providing for an exchange of ideas about the present and future of IoT.

The first day of the workshop will be dedicated to conference sessions; while the second day will be for tutorials on how to experiment on FIT IoT-LAB platforms.

More details, including the registration link, can be found on the FIT IoT-Lab website at

Registration is free and mandatory for logistic purposes.

Internet of Things Workshop at FIT IoT-Lab Lille
Internet of Things Workshop at FIT IoT-Lab Lille
Internet of Things Workshop at FIT IoT-Lab Lille

OneLab Connects with III IoTLab, Taiwan / August 19, 2015

We are excited to announce that III IoTLab has become the newest addition to the OneLab federation. III IoTLab is an Internet of Things testbed that is operated by the Institute for Information Industry (III) in Taiwan. This testbed joins the FIT IoT-Lab testbeds as the seventh IoT platform. The III IoTLab platform has 16 wireless sensor nodes that are designed to achieve reproducibility of experimentation and testing in real world settings.

The addition of III IoTLab to the OneLab facility comes one year after III signed a Memorandum of Understanding with UPMC and Inria, two members of the OneLab governing board. III IoTLab has worked extensively with the OneLab team to develop their resources, which are available for reservation and experimentation through the OneLab portal (

To learn more about III IoTLab and its experiment capabilities, please visit their website at

OneLab Connects with III IoTLab, Taiwan
OneLab Connects with III IoTLab, Taiwan
OneLab Connects with III IoTLab, Taiwan

OneLab at the EU CNC Conference in Paris / June 29, 2015

OneLab will be presenting a tutorial in a joint workshop session with AmpliFIRE, CREW, and WiSHFUL at the EU CNC conference in Paris on June 29 - July 02.

Workshop: 5G Testbeds and Hands-On Experimental Research Workshop

The morning session will be focused on initiating a general discussion on 5G and experimental test beds. This will involve strategic presentations on the future of 5G, discussions on how experimental research and test beds could help the take up and successful development of 5G, and also how 5G technology could support the evolution and/or integration of test beds. Both technical and policy issues will be addressed, centered on the questions of WHAT needs to be done and HOW this can be achieved. The morning session will close with panel discussion, which will have the objective of coming to some conclusions on possible directions to follow.

The afternoon session will be dedicated to discussing specific technical issues that are on the table at this stage, and the steps that can be taken to resolve these issues in order to contribute to the technology evolution presented during the morning session. A hands-on tutorial of the OneLab experimental facility will also be presented in the afternoon, allowing participants experience in navigating the OneLab portal and deploying experiments across our heterogeneous platforms.

More information, agenda & speakers on the workshop web page at:

(long link:

The EuCNC registration is OPEN (with early bird registration options till May 29)!

OneLab Tutorial at EU CNC in Paris / June 29, 2015

OneLab teamed up with the FIRE community in the joint workshop session, 5G Testbeds and Hands-on Experimental Research, at the EU CNC 2015 conference in Paris. The workshop, jointly organized by the AmpliFIRE, CREW, and WiSHFUL projects, alongside the OneLab facility, explored the future of 5G and the role of experimental testbeds in supporting its development. The morning session held talks by leaders from key research institutions, such as iMinds, Aalto University, University of Bologna and UPMC - Paris 6, along with innovative industries such as Telecom Italia, Interinnov, Alcatel, and Orange.

The afternoon session focused on enabling intelligence in heterogeneous wireless networks, and saw presentations from TU Berlin, iMinds, nCentric, Trinity College Dublin, ParisTech, and the University of York. The workshop session closed with a hands-on tutorial of the OneLab portal and facility, with a focus on demonstrating the success of experimental facilities following the OneLab model. Audience members were able to see the types of testing that can be done on the OneLab facility, and understand the benefit of testbed research to the 5G and IoT community.

A full program of events, along with presentations from the workshop speakers, can be found on the EU CNC workshop page:

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